Fundraising & Grant Writing

Crowdfunding Basics

How to plan and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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Philanthropy News Digest

You can subscribe to a regular free newsletter announcing grant and funding opportunities (i.e. RFP). The newsletter can be customized to topics you are interested in.

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Federal grant listing database.

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Vision Granted 10 Tips for Funding Projects

Comprehensive presentation on tips for preparing your project and applying for funding.

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Foundation Center Online Directory

National foundation search database, $50 monthly.

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Kentucky Grant Watch

State grant database, $199 annually or $18 weekly.

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Grants 101 Playbook for Eastern KY

SOAR and Nesbitt Engineering have partnered to create The Grants 101 Playbook. It’s a step-by-step resource to help you identify the grant opportunities that offer the greatest potential for ambitious changemakers in our region — and walk you through how to apply for them.

  • The Grants 101 Playbook is full of helpful checklists, expert tips and tricks, and practical information you can use to start your grant application process today — and win the funding you’re seeking.

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Four Tips for Submitting Winning Grant Proposals in Eastern KY

Regionally specific resource on what local grant funders are looking for in your proposal!

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Funding Opportunities for Energy Communities

Federal funding database for historical investments from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provide a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform energy communities and create boundless opportunities for communities to redevelop and revitalize.

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Crafting a Letter of Interest or Concept Paper

Make a copy and use this template for more information about writing an LOI or concept paper for potential grant funding opportunities.

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Rural LISC eNewsletter

A monthly newsletter with funding opportunities for rural areas.

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Simple Project Budget Template

Make a copy and use this template for simple project budget design.

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3 Year Organizational Budget Template

Make a copy to utilize this 3 year organizational budget template.

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Developing a Plan

Work Plan Template

Helpful work plan template to develop a plan, timeline, and assign roles and resources to accomplish a project.

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A tool from the Center for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas to learn how to develop strategic and action plans.

Example of Project Work Plan 

Using the above listed work plan template to develop a plan, timeline, and assign roles and resources to accomplish a project, here’s a filled out example.

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The business plan answers the key questions about the business: who, what, where, when, why, and how. For a developing business, it begins the process of making an idea materialize into reality and determining whether or not an idea should become reality. It also establishes goals and benchmarks for the business. A comprehensive business plan makes it easier for a business to receive external support, especially in terms of financing from potential investors, lenders, and grant sources. Finally, and possible most importantly, going through the process of planning is very valuable because it forces the business owners and/or managers to think through every detail of the business.

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Planning to Measure

Measuring Social Impact

This business provides some helpful guidance and videos about how to build your impact strategy and measure social impact. We aren’t soliciting anyone hire this business, but this free tool they provide may be helpful.

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Guide to ARC Project Performance Measures

While this was specifically developed for ARC projects, this guide provides helpful guidance for measuring impact of projects in a community.

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EKY By the Numbers Profiles

A wealth of data to help you plan how to measure your impact from UK’s College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment. Data is aggregated by county with topics like: Demographics Youth Income/Earnings Education Agriculture Employment Coal Employment Health Substance Abuse Poverty/Insecurity

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KY Stats

A helpful database for statewide statistics on a wide range of topics.

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Innovation and Creativity Prompts

10 Innovation Prompts

A list of 10 innovation prompts to help you think creatively in any situation so you can solve problems, improve processes, or develop new products.

Facilitation techniques to increase dialogue and decision making.

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